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Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
Michigan Ohio



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Remus Ranch

I am Monica Rose Larner and my love of Australian Cattle Dogs began in 1974 with my first ACD girl named Carrie Blue. I was raised on a farm and the farm dogs were Poodles. Yes, they were herding dogs! When I was 17, I wanted my OWN dog, so I researched and decided on the ACD breed. She won over everyone in the family, the farmers that came to the farm, my 4-H club and the people on the horse show circuit.

I was intrigued by the fact that proof had to shown of the parentage, going back to Australia. My Carrie Blue was a red heeler with a blue saddle. I thought she looked like a Dingo. In 1974 they were not yet recognized as a breed by AKC, so she was registered under the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America, also known as AuCaDo (hence my rescue name).

My current ACD, named BlueRose Jessie, CGC, is a red heeler rescue from Georgia. I realized with Jessie that there was a real need for ACD rescue, so here we are, doing our part to help homeless heelers. AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is kind of a tribute to my girl, Carrie Blue.

My husband Mark, is my support person, without his support, it would never work. Most dogs are good dogs, and we wonder why they were ever given up or lost. I just can't explain it, but these dogs deserve a second chance.

We have made the move to Remus, MI and we are still work in progress, but the dogs are just LOVING the country life. We are working on constructing kennels and large exercise runs to be able to expand my rescue efforts. Update: Finally, the rescue is an official 501(c)(3). Hurray!

My Personal Rescue from Georgia

BlueRose Jessie, CGC, (ILP#155492)

Adopting A Friend

Thank you very much for your interest in our rescue dogs. We think they are very special and that you will, too.

Please be aware that no adopted dog shall be maintained outside as a yard dog, no chained, nor left in a yard with no fencing (that includes invisible fencing) unsupervised. The primary and most important function of the adopted dog is to be that of a companion. If you are still interested in a rescue dog, please read on, and if you have not done so already, please e-mail with a description of your family, how you heard about rescue, and why you are interested in an ACD.

Because many people are not familiar with "rescue", we would like to explain briefly what we do. Basically, we re-habilitate, re-train and re-home ACD's whose previous homes have disappeared. This happens for a wide variety of reasons: the dog is picked up as a stray, taken to a shelter and not redeemed, a family is unwilling to take the dog when they move, people have a baby and decide that they no longer want a dog. But, the most frequent problem is someone chooses a breed of dog which is not suitable either to his/her own temperament or lifestyle. If you are a dog person, you can't believe the reasons that people give up a dog - but it happens all the time. Almost always, it is absolutely no reflection on the dogs and how super they are. They just get lost in the shuffle.

Our main focus, is to rescue dogs from shelters. Shelters will contact us, if the dog is truly in need. Please, do not rescue a dog for us, assuming we will have the space for them. We can only do owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis, due to the shortage of space and foster homes. Owner surrenders must be UTD on shots, and spayed/neutered. No biters, of any kind, will be accepted, as there are too many 'nice' dogs waiting to come into rescue. If you are the owner of a biter, please contact your veterinarian about the humane way to handle the problem.

Most of our dogs are beyond the puppy stage. We are amazed by the number of people who think they want a puppy. Having lived with these older dogs, we appreciate the many benefits of a mature dog. Most are already house-trained, leash trained, and have manners. Puppies were made cute for a reason - to make you forget the shoes they ate, the plants they demolished, the messes they made, and all the times they drove you crazy... Smile.

Before placement, all our dogs have been spayed/neutered, received appropriate vaccinations, DHLPP and a rabies vaccination if over 4 months of age. Some rescues have received Bordetella shots and most are microchipped. Heart Worm checks are done on dogs over 6 months of age. AuCaDo Rescue adoption fee is $250, or ask about our 4-H or Senior Discount. We have averaged the costs incurred for vetting, and we keep a 'vetting fund' for dogs who may need substantial and costly vetting. We have received 501(c)(3) status, and upon receiving that, donations will be tax deductible. We appreciate our donation angels.

Perhaps most importantly: All foster dogs have lived with one of us for at least 2 weeks. This lets us learn the temperament, likes and dislikes, and training level of the dog. This is critical in placing the dogs in a home. Placement mistakes where a dog needs to be returned are rare because of this procedure. It isn't fair to the dog or the new owner when a dog goes out and then is returned because it is not compatible with the lifestyle. Being returned to rescue, just breaks their heart once again.

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is dedicated to helping "our breed" so please be honest in your answers to our questions and keep an open mind. We realize that ACDs are not the breed for everyone. Now that you have an idea of who we are and what we are, and if you have never owned an ACD before, please pay special attention to the following.

Australian Cattle Dogs are a herding breed. They were bred to drive cattle all day in harsh conditions. This means they are very active most of the day. It is the rare ACD that doesn't need something to do all day. If they have no outlet for that energy, i.e., another active dog or human companionship, they can become barkers, destructive, or runners. ACD's can go over a 6 foot fence with ease if they are so inclined. They are great with your kids and will usually protect them from intruders (i.e., the neighborhood kid that pushes or hits one of yours). They will also herd kids into a corner and keep them there if they feel the need to quiet them down and keep them together. Some can be aggressive with other dogs and will rarely back down from a fight. This is true of both sexes. As a pet they absolutely must have basic obedience, and know you are the top dog. They do not take to rough handling but will usually bend over backward for their "human" when worked with positive reinforcement.

Australian Cattle Dog's are smart, quick learners, that excel in obedience, agility and herding trials. Their "wash and wear" coats need little maintenance. A brushing twice a week and tick or flea checks daily are about it. Baths should be given only when necessary to retain the oil in the coat. They are the right size for traveling, and will protect your vehicle and belongings without hesitation. They bond well with the family but usually will pick out their special "human". They expect honesty and fairness from you and will demand it. In the right home they are a wonderful, lifelong companion.

We present both sides of ACD's because it is a long term commitment when adopting a dog. These dogs can live to be fourteen (14) years old or older without problems. Since we live with these dogs please understand that they become a part of our families and we worry about them when we send them off to a new life. We realize that we cannot keep all of the wonderful ACD's that need homes. We need you and the dogs need you - so please be understanding of our concern for them. We put lots of time, energy, money, patience, and love into each of them and are rewarded over and over by seeing them settle happily into loving, new, lifelong homes.

We hope that after reading this, we hope that you decide on adopting an ACD rescue dog. They are wonderful dogs that have run into circumstances beyond their control and find themselves in need of a new home and people willing to make that lifelong commitment. We hope you will be one of those special people and discover the world of rescue dogs.

September 30, 2009

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Ohio Puts Best Foot Forward and Wins Prize Maddie's Fund and Petfinder Teamed Up to Reward Good Customer Service to Animal Welfare Groups.

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Ohio, Creston, put its best face forward and came away with a $500 weekly prize in an innovative grant program by Maddie's Fund, a foundation working in conjunction with to improve customer service in animal welfare. Each week "secret shoppers" emailed, phoned or visited randomly picked animal rescue groups and found a winner based on the organizations' responses. To be eligible, all groups had to be members in good standing.

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Ohio won the award by responding to an email inquiry with helpful information delivered in a courteous way about an available cat or dog posted on the group's Web site.

The Maddie's Fund program was developed in response to a survey in which visitors to were asked what kinds of experiences they had while trying to adopt a pet, and how happy they were with the overall process. The people surveyed considered themselves extremely committed to adopting rather than buying a pet; more than half said they intended to adopt "no matter what." Unfortunately, their dedication wasn't always met with the kind of welcome it deserved. Forty percent of the time, their inquiries at shelters went unanswered. And when that happened, they became three times as likely to view shelter workers as "unprofessional" and shelters as "unpleasant." "Based on the results of the survey, we felt it was time for us to make improving customer service a priority," says Betsy Saul, co-founder of, the largest online database of homeless pets. "The folks at Maddie's Fund agreed and pledged $50,000 this year to make it happen. "Working in animal welfare can be very stressful," Saul says, "and staff often feels underappreciated. But it comes to this: we have to treat potential adopters with respect. They are the ones who will help us make the U.S. a no-kill nation, where all adoptable pets find loving homes, which is the goal of Maddie's Fund and ours at Petfinder as well. Bad customer service stands in the way, while good customer service can make it happen. And AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Ohio is doing it right!"

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Ohio posts its pets on Petfinder at

About is an online database of pets that need homes in over 12,500 animal placement organizations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The site has facilitated over 12 million adoptions since it launched. Thanks to its sponsors, is free to both visitors and to its animal placement organization members. Exclusive sponsors are BISSELL Homecare, Inc., a manufacturer of home cleaning and floor care products, PETCO, a national pet supply retailer that sponsors in-store adoptions and provides coupon books for new adopters, The Animal Rescue Site, and Merial, maker of the number one veterinary-recommended flea and tick preventative FRONTLINE(r), and heartworm preventative HEARTGARD(r).

About Maddie's Fund:
Maddie's Fund,(r) The Pet Rescue Foundation, ( is a family foundation funded by Workday and PeopleSoft Founder Dave Duffield and his wife, Cheryl. Maddie's Fund is helping to create a no-kill nation where all healthy and treatable shelter dogs and cats are guaranteed a loving home.

To achieve this goal, Maddie's Fund is investing its resources in building community collaborations where animal welfare organizations come together to develop successful models of lifesaving; in veterinary colleges to help shelter medicine become part of the veterinary curriculum; in private practice veterinarians to encourage greater participation in the animal welfare cause; and in the implementation of national strategies to collect and report shelter statistics. Maddie's Fund is named after the family's beloved Miniature Schnauzer who passed away in 1997.


Donations are greatly needed for vetting expenses and care of our loving fosters. Please consider making a donation to help our Australian Cattle Dogs. Donations can be paid via Paypal by clicking on the Paypal donation button below or by postal mail to:

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Remus, MI 49340
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