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Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
Michigan and Ohio

Adoption Application

How does the adoption process work?

The completion of the adoption application is the first step. The processing of your application can take 24-48 hours, if we are able to contact your vet reference and personal references. Please make sure your vet knows that we are going to call, and give your authorization for them to answer our basic vaccination and heartworm questions. It is easier for us to have email addresses from the personal references or we would welcome a phone call from them at their convenience.

Before or after submitting the application, please give us a call, so we know that you are still interested in adopting. We may have some questions, and we would like to hear what questions or concerns you may have.

If we are unable to do a home visit, we would like to see pictures of home and yard in a separate email.

After the adoption application has been approved and phone contact has been made, we can schedule a meeting with our rescues.

Please answer each question. If the question does not apply to you, write in N/A to indicate that it does not apply.

PLEASE NOTE: Use the TAB key to go from answering questions and field to field. The ENTER key will take you to the end of the form, and the form will be sent out incomplete. Before submitting the application, we suggest copying your final copy before submitting it. Just in case the application does not reach our email, then the copy can be attached to an email.

If there is a problem with the application, send us an email ( to let us know you are trying to complete the application. Thank you for applying to adopt one of our precious Cattle Dogs.

If you do not hear from us in 24 hours, please follow-up, in case we did not receive your application. A phone call is required before an approval of your application can be made. To speed up the process, please give us a call.

Please Note: This is just the first step in the application process. We would appreciate a phone interview either prior to the application or after sending it. If you live out of the area, pictures of the home and yard are required. References that have email addresses are easier for us to contact. We receive many applications daily and any help on your part is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Our adoption fee, beginning January 1, 2011 is $250, which is used for spaying / neutering, age appropriate shots (DHLPP & Rabies), micro-chip, de-worming started, heart worm testing in adults, heart worm preventative (all ages & year round) and high quality food. Some dogs may need extra medical care, for instance, heart worm treatment, yet our adoption fee remains the same.

To be fair and to show good faith, a deposit will hold an approved match, for a reasonable amount of time. AuCaDo Rescue will not hold an ACD on a verbal request. Please remember, if a dog has a deposit on it and shows a status of "pending" that we honor that application first. Also, the pending status shows for two weeks after adoption to allow the rescued ACD to settle in to their new home.

Australian Cattle Dog or Herding breed experience is required to Apply / Adopt our pups or specific adults as written in their bio. Our adoption fee covers the Spay / Neuter, Vaccinations (age appropriate), Microchipping, Heart Worm testing (6 months and up), HW preventative (year round) and Deworming. Please consider adopting a rescue with the basic medical already done.

Please answer each question or use N/A if not applicable. Thanks.

E-mail Address: *
How did you find out about us?
Have you researched the breed?
Read About the ACD Breed on website?
Do you have ACD experience? Describe:
Spouse / Partner Name:
City, State, Zip:
Home Phone:
Cell or Alternate Phone:
Employer? How long there?
Work Address:
Work Phone? Work Hours?
Are you self employed? What do you do?
Do you work from home?
Spouse / Partner Employer:
Work Address:
Work Hours:
Does spouse work from home?
Work Phone:
Will ACD go to work with you or spouse?
Number Children living at home:
Ages of children?
Ages of visiting children?
Expecting a child? Will ACD remain in home?
How long at current address?
Previous Address, if less than 2 years:
Number of years at previous address:
List all members living in home and ages:
All members agreeable to adopting?
Adopting ACD for you or someone else?
Any members have allergies? If so, to what?
Do you have a will for your ACD care?
Who would care for pet in an emergency?
Own your home? Rent? Other?
If renting, landlord name & phone:
Live in Country, City, Suburban?
Pet limit allowed?
Doggie Door?
Do you have a backyard?
Yard Fenced? Height of Fence?
Style of Fencing? Permanent?
Buried to prevent digging out?
Pool? Depth? Fenced?
How long will ACD be left alone?
Where will ACD be left while you are out?
Where will ACD be when you are home?
How long will ACD be outside?
What shelter is outside? Heated? Cooled?
Where will the ACD sleep?
Will you attend obedience class(es)?
How much time daily will be spent training?
Use three words to describe yourself:
Applying for a male or female?
Have you considered adopting over 1 year old?
Why consider a rescue? Expectations?
What activities will your ACD do with you?
ACD activity level expected? From 1-10:
Are you able to commit to 16 yr life of ACD?
Would you consider a dog with special needs?
What behavior issues are you willing to work on?
We do not knowingly adopt out aggressive dogs:
What behaviors are you NOT willing to work on?
How will you discipline your ACD?
Do you own a crate, and know how to use it?
Will you continue crate training?
What would make you give up on a dog?
What brand dog food will ACD be fed?
Are there other pets in the home?
Resident animal(s) good with new ACD?
List 3 previous/current pets? Breed? Age?
Are current pets up to date on vaccines?
Are current pets spayed / neutered?
Explain if not vaccinated or fixed:
Are current pets on heartworm prevention?
Monthly or year round?
Which brand heartworm preventative?
Veterinarian that you will use for ACD?
Veterinarian phone number?
Owner name on file at vet office?
Obedience trainer name / phone?
Training behaviors worked on?
Which rescue dogs would you like to meet?
Are you open to suggestions of meeting?
How far are you willing to travel to meet and greet?
Have you applied to another rescue group?
Do you support other rescue organizations?
Rescues (dogs) may have unknown history, acceptable?
Are you financially able to care for an ACD?
Have you contacted our rescue by phone?
Will you send pictures of home / yard?
May we do a home visit, if necessary?
May we contact the following 3 references?
1. Relative Reference: Email / Phone:
2. Non Relative Reference: Email / Phone:
3. Neighbor or Other: Email / Phone:
Signature / Date:

* Required


AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Michigan
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