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Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
Michigan & Ohio

C. H. A. R. M. FUND

Char's Heavenly Angel Road Memorial


Charlene Dr Lexy

Char's Heavenly Angel Road Memorial Fund,
known as the CHARM Fund was started to honor Charlene's life.

Charlene was a 1 year old ACD mix, who was pulled from a rural Ohio shelter along with her litter of four purebred looking 2 day old puppies in January 2010. Charlene was rushed to a vet clinic immediately, due to her poor condition & her puppies had urine / feces burns on their feet and tummies. Charlene was in such bad shape she was not producing milk & had to be hospitalized for 3 days, while her puppies were bottle fed. We lost one puppy at the vet clinic and another passed 2 days later. Thanks to Lisa from Save Ohio Strays, 2 of her puppies survived. We said prayers all weekend for Char & her remaining puppies survival and they were answered.

When we reunited Char and her 2 puppies she was so very happy to see them. She started to clean them and the puppies settled into nurse. While they were attempting to nurse, we discovered Charlene had recovered enough to produce milk for them. We were blessed with 2 miracles that day, Charlene accepting her puppies back and being able to feed them herself. This little miracle family was moved to a save haven with Sandy of Save Ohio Strays until they were healthy enough to travel to Monica's in Michigan.

A week later this family was ready for their trip. Past Adopters of Bail, Jason & Melissa, heard of the need for this family to move to MI and offered to do the whole 5 hour drive! There was a horrible Level II Ohio snow storm the day of the transport, but nothing was going to stop Jason & Melissa from delivering this family. Thankfully when they crossed the state line into MI the sun was shining and the roads were clear. Char and her puppies arrived safe and sound. Charlene was settled into her new whelping area and continued to be the great Momma that she was.

Charlene raised her puppies Champ and Charlotte for the next 6 weeks, then one morning everything changed. Charlene had multiple seizures. The decision was made to move her back to Ohio where she would be close to an emergency vet clinic and in a foster home who had experience with epilepsy. Her pups were now old enough to be weaned, yet how Charlene didn't have seizures prior to this just amazes us. She held on until those pups could do without her. Monica and Corene split an emergency transport of 5 hours to get Charlene back to Ohio, while her pups stayed in Michigan.

We immediately did all the necessary vet work to get Charlene on the path to a seizure free life. Multiple tests later we still didn't have an answer as to why she was having seizures. It was decided to label her as "Idiopathic Epileptic" since there was no reason for her seizures. She had seizures in March, April, & May all after the full moon. After May's episode we were able to get them under control - or so we thought.

Charlene was seizure free for 2.5 months. We rejoiced in this accomplishment with her and savored every day she had free from seizures. Charlene went to parks, work with her foster Mom, transport trips, and was made a part of our family. This little 24# ACDx had a very bad start in life and we were going to make sure those days were behind her. Both her puppies, Charlotte and Champ were adopted into their forever homes, but not Charlene, it was not her time yet. Little did we know - Corene's home - was to be her forever home.

One morning we awoke to discover Charlene's seizures were back. We sought medical treatment and she still continued to have seizures throughout the evening and night. After a lengthy discussion, a very heavy heart, and tear filled eyes, we let her go in my arms on July 17, 2010.

Charlene had to travel over 700 miles to keep her and her family safe at different stages in her life. She also loved to go 'bye-bye". We want to honor Charlene's short life and feel a "transport fund" would be appropriate. Many of our special needs dogs come from out of state which can be expensive. We also do many transports between our Michigan and Ohio locations which are 5 hours apart. You know the saying "Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly"? Well, we want Charlene to be our Transport Guardian Angel for our traveling fosters. With your donations to the CHARM Fund we can honor her short life for a long time to come. Thank You Charlene.

Donations are greatly needed for vetting expenses and care of our homeless fosters. AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is now a 501(c)(3)and donations are tax deductible. Please include your address when making a donation to help our Australian Cattle Dogs rescues. Donations can be made via Paypal by clicking on the Paypal donation button below or by postal mail to:

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