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Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
Michigan & Ohio


September 11, 2011: The NEW "In Memory of" Fund will now include any canine owner who wishes to have their dog's memory honored. This fund will be made available to dogs in OH or MI Rescues with additional medical expenses, who may require treatment above and beyond what a normal adoption fee could provide. This way we can help give as many deserving dogs as possible the best chance at quality of life and a forever home.

IMO Annie
January 11, 2013

In memory of Annie - Found living in a ground hog hole, covered in ticks at 4 weeks old. She was loved so much by many, 13 years was not long enough! She is the reason we love the ACD breed.

IMO Coby
September 11, 2012

In Loving Memory of Coby a gentle loving dog who loved his Heeler Sisters Sophie and Michaela.
Protected our cat Missy, and enriched the lives of his parents, Dave & Dana.
We miss him deeply.

Toohey VanBeek
December 28, 2011:

Toohey, an ACDx, who was a stray at our home
10 years ago, and introduced us to the breed.
Our donation is in his memory, as we adopt Thatcher.

December 25, 2011:

"A wonderful Chow-mix,
who passed from kidney disease."

Daisy Chandler
December 19, 2011:

She (Daisy) was a one of a kind girl, and the connection I had with her led me to adopt my Rose, who you were so helpful with. I am still so stunned that she is gone, I wish there was something more I could have done for her. I walked in the vets office Monday thinking she might have a bug of some sort that was making her lethargic and affecting her appetite, only to discover the hemangiosarcoma on her spleen had ruptured and she was already too late for any type of surgery or action to help. It has left a huge hole in our family, but I do still have my little Rose to comfort me. I'm attaching some pictures of Daisy, she was a gorgeous girl and the pictures don't do her bright eyes and beautiful smile justice! I hope that this donation will make a difference in one of your rescues who need treatment. I wish I had been able to treat my girl, I would have paid anything to fix her.

Clea will be the recipient of the kind donation in memory of Daisy. Clea has already been to the vet multiple times since her return to rescue. Clea has a major ear infection, most likely due to the dog food she was given. One ear is so swollen that the vet could not scope it. Sad. We are also doing x-rays on her injured leg, which is about an inch shorter than the other one. Sometimes she has "glitch" in her gait, and we want to have the vet clear her before her adoption.

December 20, 2011:

My name is Alexa and I am a long term ACD owner and I love the breed. I ran across your site and wanted to support your efforts. I live in OH and am thinking somewhere along the line I want to figure out how to help. I lost my male and my most favorite ACD I have had in Sept ...was only 5 and dropped dead chasing a squirrel so my donation is in memory of Cooter Ray. I wil adopt a ACD in the future...but I will provide financial support. (Alexa sponsored MS Pearl, Sydny, Max and LaBelle and we Thank You!)

Riley Stancel
December 20, 2009:

Riley is an OH Australian Cattle Dog that was rescued in April of 1999. She was just nine months old but was turned into a shelter for 'having too much energy'. She spent 30 days at the shelter, and her time was up. On the day she was to be euthanized, an Australian Cattle Dog Rescue came and saved her life. She was adopted a few weeks later, and turned out to be the most amazing, wonderful, loving dog in the world. She lived to be 11 years old before she succumbed to cancer in December 2009. If it were not for breed rescue, this dog would have died in a shelter. The In Memory of Riley Fund was started in memory of this extraordinary dog, to provide for the dogs out there with so much potential who without help from rescue will not have a second chance at life.

In Memory of Riley~See Who She Helped~

Amazing Grace: Eye Surgery needed before adoption.

February 1, 2010 Two Dogs / Pups in Need.

Brynn: Hospitalized for Parvo for six days.

Momma Char: Hospitalized after giving birth for 3 days.

Urban: FHO Surgery 2011

Donations are greatly needed for vetting expenses and care of our homeless fosters. AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is now a 501(c)(3)and donations are tax deductible. Please include your address when making a donation to help our Australian Cattle Dogs rescues. Donations can be made via Paypal by clicking on the Paypal donation button below or by postal mail to:

AuCaDo ACD Rescue Michigan
3861 Twelve Mile Rd.
Remus, MI 49340

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