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AuCaDo Rescue Michigan - Ohio
Foster Application

Please answer each question. If the question does not apply to you, write in N/A to indicate that it does not apply. Incomplete applications will NOT be processed, due to our time constraints. Thank you for applying to foster one of our precious Australian Cattle Dogs. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can help to save.

AuCaDo Rescue Online Foster Application

E-mail address:



Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell or Alternate Phone:
Veterinarian Address:
Veterinarian Phone:
Describe typical work week (time available to spend with fosters):
Describe Pets in/at your home (dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, etc, ages, sociability):
Are you willing/able to deal with:
Housebreaking issues? :
Temperament testing?:
Manners Training?:
Adult dogs?:
Highly Active Dogs?:
Injured or Sick?:
Grooming (nails, baths)?:
Number of dogs you can foster at one time?
Can you help screen adopters? :

Mission Statement: You must not keep rescued ACDís in a kennel run for an extended time (like 24/7). Our rescue feels that proper integration into a family "pack" is the key to a healthy and happy recycled rescue Australian Cattle Dog. The more manners a foster dog learns, the more adoptable the dog will be. The number one reason that dogs are given up in the first place is bad behavior. Granted, their owners LET them behave badly, we need to instill a good work ethic before placement.
Fenced in dog area? Describe:
(rescued ACDís must never be left tied up!)
Type of road (dirt, paved):
Traffic volume (light, med, heavy): :
Speed of traffic (slow, med, fast):
Type of traffic (local, commuters, semi-trucks):
Please explain how you keep your dogs safe from harm:
Distance of house from road (approx.)?
Can you help transport?
Does your family agree and support you in your fostering job?

Training method(s), discipline method(s), or equipment used regularly:
Positive Reinforcement (treats/clicker):
Choke Chain (praise/correction):
Shock Collars :
Just let the dog do what he wants:
Other: Explain.
Use of dog crates when not able to supervise (*See Note Below) Size Available?

*NOTE: The use of a sturdy dog crate is a requirement for foster homes- you will waive all damage liability if you leave a foster ACD out loose in your home when you cannot watch him/her. They can and will shred anything they can find, especially if it reminds them of you! All dogs from AuCaDo Rescue are crate trained, or close to it. We suggest that our adopters continue the crate training, as this does not set the dog up to fail.

Please note that the ACD is very stoic about pain yet sensitive to correction. Please choose training methods carefully with the ACD, as e-collar treatment can cause permanent behavior problems and too harsh of correction can cause aggression problems. Hitting an ACD on the head can cause epilepsy. It is recommended to break up an ACD fight by pulling apart by the tails or hind legs. Even an accidental ACD bite really hurts!

You will be responsible for food and snacks for your foster dog. Veterinary care will be provided by AuCaDo Rescue, please make sure to let me know what vet care they will require. In most cases, the initial vetting will be done before fosters receive the dog. If the dog requires vet care, please contact AuCaDo ACD Rescue for authorization FIRST and then reimbursement for approved fees.

Fostering is a highly rewarding situation and will bring you much happiness (and maybe some frustration!). It is through fostering these dogs that we begin to have a much greater understanding of the ACD than even the breeders of these noble dogs do. This is because we deal with the dogs people did not want, for whatever reason. We try to dissect their problems/issues and correct them as needed. Temperamentally unsound dogs (i.e. on-purpose BITERS of humans or aggressive toward humans) are put to sleep without question. We do our best to insure that foster homes do not end up with a foster dog with this temperament unsoundness, but it is always a possibility with a dog that has unknown history. However, you must be made aware of it and use your own instincts. You have been selected to foster these special dogs due to your dog experience. It is understood by AuCaDo ACD Rescue that you know what to look for, temperamentally, when dealing with any dog.

I understand that temperament unsoundness is a very serious issue in the area of AuCaDo RESCUE and will not hold AuCaDo Rescue responsible for any carelessness on my part to deal with this, should it ever come up. If your foster dog is an aggressive biter, we prefer to have the dog meet Baby Jesus.

You must also understand the need for AuCaDo Rescue to spay/neuter every single dog or puppy that we adopt out or foster. This is to curtail the overpopulation of the ACD, which is evident in the very need of rescue groups such as AuCaDo Rescue. These dogs have unknown parentage and genetics and may not be used for breeding purposes.

You must also not have any health problems that would affect your ability to foster ACDís (back pain, etc). You must understand that at times, fostering ACDís will require physical exercise.

Australian Cattle Dogs must NEVER EVER be allowed to ride in the back of an open pickup truck. Please use common sense when driving with an ACD in the car. They can become over-stimulated and jump out of open windows at moving objects or livestock. Thank You for your help with these typical ACD issues, that may or may not come up while fostering.

I declare that the information I have provided in this application is complete and correct. I further declare that I am financially and physically able to care for a rescued dog. I understand that AuCaDo retains ownership of any dogs in my foster care. I understand that proper food is a necessity, and I am able to meet the needs of my fostered dog. I understand the requirement(s) and grant permission for Home Checks at random both prior to and during foster care. I also hold harmless AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue and their directors.

By submitting this application online, you are agreeing to the above declaration.

Please print your name, to be used as a signature on this form.
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