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Australian Cattle Dog
Rescue Michigan and Ohio

Unbreakoball The Toughest Toy Available

US Bones
We Proudly use Nupro Supplements!

Rescue Roast Coffee $6. We earn $3 each.

Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!
Support AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
What better toy for your COW DOG ?

Support AuCaDo ACD Rescue

~Two T-Shirts Designs~
Holy CowDog and Red-Bright-Blue

$20 each
plus $5 shipping

Lupine Dog Collars (Fancy)

Lupine Collars are Guaranteed, Even if Chewed!

Combo Collar 2012 Designs
(Please email for what we have in stock)

New! Down Under (Dingo)

Muddy Paws

Tickled Pink

Dapper Dog

Wild West

Earth Day

Crazy Daisy

Puppy Love

(plus $2 shipping,
if purchased for your own pet)
Please contact us prior to ordering
if you are looking for a specific design

Purchase one for your pet or
sponsor your favorite foster.

Lupine Dog Collars (Solid)

Lupine Collars are Guaranteed, Even if Chewed!

Combo Collars are Available in
(3/4" Combo 14" to 20"

Solid Colors:
Black, Blue, Red, Green or Purple
(plus $2 shipping,
if purchased for your own pet)

Purchase one for your pet or
sponsor your favorite foster.

AuCaDo Rescue Cow Dog Bandana's

Bandana - Red
Bandana - Blue

$4.00 each

For you and your best friend

with paw print

"Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts"
with little paw prints

"Always in My Heart"
with paw print

Paw Print
with black background

$5.00 each or
$10.00 for any three

Leash Covers


Love Rescued Me - Red
Love Rescued Me - Blue
Deaf Dogs Rock - Red
Therapy Dog - Red

$5.00 each


"6 Styles Available"
$5 each plus $2 shipping = $7 total
Just in time for Holiday giving!

~Dog Lover~
Measures 7"

~ Love Dogs~
Measures 7"

~I Love My Australian Cattle Dog~
Measures 7"

~Love Me-Spay Me-Train Me-Rescue~
w/Black Background
Measures 4.5"

~Love Me-Spay Me-Train Me-Rescue~
w/White Background
Measures 4.5"

Measures 4.5"

~Save A Life - Adopt a Homeless Pet~
w/Black Background

Michigan Disc Dogs Frisbees
Endorsed by Miss Reno
Made by Hyperflite

Frisbees $5
($3 Shipping)
Available in White, Yellow, Orange, Pink

Our Rescue Fundraisers
Pet Alert Decals

Protect your 4-Legged Friends

$3.00 each plus .45 shipping

Planet Dog Toys Featuring
1)Orbee-Tuff Adopt Ball
2)Orbo with Treat Spot
3)Recycled Dog Bone

Planet Dog toys are some of the most
durable, bouncy, floaty, minty smelling toys
we've found. Each time we purchase from
Planet Dog 2% goes to the Planet Dog Foundation.
The Planet Dog Foundation provides cash grants to programs
throughout the country that train, place
and support dogs who help people in need.
PDF celebrates all “working” dogs that are
enhancing and saving human lives. For a
donation of $15 or more to our rescue, you
will receive your choice of a Orbee-Tuff
Adopt Ball, or medium sized Orbo with
Treat Spot, or Recycled Bone. Not only will
your donation support our efforts, but it
will support the Planet Dog Foundation too!

1)Orbee-Tuff Adopt Ball

2)Med Orbo w/ Treat Spot

3)Recycled Dog Bone

$15 includes shipping


Keep your ACD happy and active.

Corene with H & R Materials (AuCaDo OH)
will make up a "custom" basket per your instructions.

Some of the items available are:
Original Kong
Souper Nylabone
3 knot Tug Rope
Ruff Dawg Ball
Bad Cuz medium
6" filled Femur Bone
Cow hoof
Buster Cube (puzzle)
Ruff Dawg Flyer

Call Corene at H & R Materials (330) 925-1015 for more Info

Please email us for ordering information, and thank you for your support.


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