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Molly is camera shy

Molly starting to show

The sire of Molly's pups

Pups born 2-14-09

Oh My Gosh, Nine of them!

Sleepy head 12 days old

2 females with half masks

Day 12, The Litter

Day 12, The Litter

Day 17

Day 17

Day 17, The Litter

Day 17, The Litter

Day 17, red male, Cupid

Adopted! Red male, Valentino

Adopted! Red male, Cupid

4 weeks old, red female, Meera

Adopted! Blue Plain Face male, Hank

Adopted! Half mask female, Cracker

Adopted! Plain face female, Macey

Adopted! Half mask/Ear patch female, Colby

Adopted! Blue Plain Face female, Bella

Adopted! Red muzzle female, Stone