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Australian Cattle Dog
Rescue Mid Michigan

Heiler's Carrie Blue at 9 years old
Australian Cattle Dog Club (AuCaDo)
and AKC Registered

I am Monica Rose Larner and my love (passion) for Australian Cattle Dogs began in 1974 with my first ACD girl named Carrie Blue. I was raised on a farm and the farm dogs were Poodles. Yes, they were herding dogs! When I turned 17, I wanted my OWN dog, so I researched and decided on the ACD breed. My girl Carrie, won over everyone in the family, the farmers that came to the farm, my 4-H club and the people on the horse show circuit.

I was intrigued by the fact that proof had to shown of the parentage, going back to Australia. Carrie's grandparents came from Australia. My Carrie Blue was a red heeler with a blue saddle. I thought she looked like a Dingo. In 1974 they were not yet recognized as a breed by AKC, so she was registered under the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America, also known as AuCaDo. (Hence, my rescue name.)

My current ACD, named BlueRose Jessie, CGC, is a red heeler rescue from Georgia. I realized with Jessie that there was a real need for ACD rescue, so here we are. AuCaDo rescue is kind of a tribute to my girl, Carrie Blue. I am serious about rescuing and rehoming good cattle dogs, and the adopted numbers are over 200+ so far.

My husband Mark, and adult son Johnathan, are my support staff here at home. Without their support, it would never work. They tend to take one of the new dogs under their wing, and show them that they will be okay now and are safe. Most dogs are good dogs, and we wonder why they were ever given up or lost. I just can't explain it.

We have finally moved to Remus, MI. We finally have trees and lots of room to play. We are also constructing kennels and large exercise runs to be able to expand the rescue efforts. I have obtained my 501(c)(3) status for the rescues.

AuCaDo Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Mid-Michigan

Our Rescue Mascot

Dr. Seuss, AKA Seussy
Rescued Kitten

Meet Dr. Seuss, a kitten we rescued from a farm, as he was following around the white pekin ducks. We figure he was looking for his mother, like in the children's book "Are you my Mother?" and the other book titled "Did I ever tell you how Lucky you are?" He was very skinny, had ear mites that made his ears black like a Siamese kitten, and had an injured eye. We had other inside cats at the time and we did not know how contagious this little kitten would be to our other 2 cats. I had to give this poor kitten a bath, because he messed on himself on the way home. Seussy let me give him a bath, and then we put a heat lamp in a dog house on the porch. The kitten stayed in the dog house and watched us through the patio door. He did get better, but does have a scar on his eye, and now stays in the house with our family. Dr. Seuss has deemed himself the 'dog tester' and knows who is good and who is not good around cats. Dr. Seuss also helped my husband when he became really sick and had to call 911, so he is very special to us.


AuCaDo Rescue Mid-Michigan
3861 12 Mile Rd
Remus, MI 49340
Phone: 989-330-5147

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