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Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
Reunion 2012

August 4, 2012
Our First AuCaDo
Rescue Reunion

Reunion 2012 Corene

Levi helped us on Thursday

Reunion 2012 Levi

Reunion 2012 pics by Sue Glover

Reunion 2012 pics by Trina

Reunion 2012 pics by Trina 2

Reunion 2012 Mark + Bear
Mark and Bear, watching the Frisbee Demo.

Bear loves Frisbee too!

We want to thank Mark for stepping up to prepare the grounds at
Barryton Conservation Club.

Mark and Bear led the 2 Mile hike.

Mark and Bear led the ACD line up for weaving in and out of the ACD's.

I loved to see the concentration on both the handlers and the dogs while they did a training exercise that they would not normally do. I heard some people not sure if they could do it, but they gave their best, and found out something about themselves and their dogs. I was very proud to see this!

You guys are the best.

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